Mortgages In The PNW


Pre Qualification VS Pre Approval… What’s The Difference??

Are you looking to buy a house and wonder how you can get your offer accepted over everybody else’s? In this video, we’re going to …

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The Difference Between a Banker Vs Broker Vs Mortgage Lender

Have you decided to become a homeowner but aren’t sure who to use for your lender? In this video, I’m going to talk about the difference between a banker, broker, and correspondent lender. I’ll break down the details of these lender rates and requirements so you can choose the best …

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First Time Home Buyers Guide To Where & What 2 Buy!

Have you decided to go from being a home renter to a homeowner but aren’t sure what to do next? In this video, I’m going to talk to you about where and what to buy so you can make the best choice on your home purchase. We’ll discuss everything from …

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First Time Home Buyer… myths debunked

Are you ready to take the leap and become a homeowner? In this video, I’m going to share 3 myths that everyone needs to debunk before they buy a home. By understanding the truth about these myths, you’ll be able to make the best decisions in your home buying journey. …

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What To Expect On Closing Day As A Buyer

Are you buying a house and want to know what to expect during signing? In this video, I’m going to help you get ready for signing so you know exactly what will happen during the process. By signing the final documents and paperwork, you’ll soon have your keys as an …

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best everest

The Best of Everett, WA

The town of Everett, Washington is the home of Dwell Mortgage. Everett is a really unique blend of blue-collar and up and coming. It is located just 30 minutes from Downtown Seattle, making it affordable and convenient. A lot of folks who want to be in the suburbs, but still …

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why i love seattle

The Best of Seattle, WA

Seattle is a happening place and the epicenter of it all is the famous Pipe Place Market. Everyone who lives in Seattle knows that this is the spot to be. When they have guests visiting this is their go-to place to take them. It’s filled with life and loads of …

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