A Road Less Traveled

The dwell Mortgage story began in 2010 when founder Shane Kidwell hurt his back at his dream job working as a fireman. After battling several more back injuries he had to ask himself what was next? 

Raised by an entrepreneurial dad (one of the founders of Horizon Air) and a hard working mom (She raised Shane and his brother after his dad lost a battle with cancer); Shane always had the desire to continue a legacy of hard work, creative thinking and living by contribution.

Having matured his work ethic and core values from his time working at the busiest fire station on the West Coast, Shane was ready to invest in himself (give his back a rest) and go all in on being an entrepreneur. As most do in the mortgage industry his route wasn’t planned. But after “dabbling” part time while also being a full time fireman, Shane saw an opportunity to bless others (and be successful) and retired early from the Seattle Fire Department.

After years working for others Shane felt it was time to shift and create a unique brand and culture that went against the status quo and reflected his core values and blue collar roots.

“Work Hard, be successful, but don’t do it on the backs of others. ” was his mindset. 

As he looked at the Mortgage Industry he saw a gap and he asked himself “how can we be better, how can we be different”? 

Thus began dwell Mortgage. (Yes we know it’s a lower case D, we like being different!)


Production Partner | NMLS 1577289


Production Partner | NMLS 1082640


EVP Sales | Branch Manager | NMLS 200950


Weekend Support | NMLS 2190603

Andrew Carnegie once said “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” As a professional fireman at the busiest station in Seattle, Shane witnessed this daily.

Every day Shane and his crew focused on the team, the “we”. This allowed his crew to accomplish superhuman feats regardless of the environment or complexity of task. It was never about the individual, it was always about “we”, the team, the collective difference makers.

Focused on speed, efficiency, technology and his entrepreneurial spirit Shane began building a one of a kind mortgage team. 

Many of our competitors focus on being the “expert” in all areas out of pride or a lack of knowing there is a different way. They over promise and under deliver.

We believe there is a better way. We are excited to introduce you to our team @ dwell Mortgage. The team behind the scenes and out in front making the experience for YOU a ten, ensuring we get it right, communicate proactively and move with urgency every time.


At your Fingertips

Dwell Cares is our charitable program that gives back to local and worldwide non profits!

Our Parent Company is Victorian Finance, and we couldn’t be happier being part of this team. You can visit their site here.

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