The Best of Everett, WA

The town of Everett, Washington is the home of Dwell Mortgage. Everett is a really unique blend of blue-collar and up and coming. It is located just 30 minutes from Downtown Seattle, making it affordable and convenient. A lot of folks who want to be in the suburbs, but still have a taste of the city are flocking to the suburbs in Everett.

There’s so much to do here in Everett. The up and coming downtown Waterfront project, to our minor league hockey team the Silvertips, along with restaurants, live music, and even a theater! One of my personal favorites is the coffee shop Kindred Kitchen. This spot is the perfect mix of community and business. Not only is the coffee amazing, but what they do for the community is amazing as well. They offer disadvantaged individuals a second chance at a secure future through their hands-on culinary and barista training program allowing our youth and trainees a brighter future. Although they are temporarily closed to aid in social distancing, you can support them while they are closed by grabbing an eGift card on their website:

Next is Karl’s Bakery which opened in 1944. This is one of the many things I love about Everett. There are so many Mom and Pop shops around the area that add a special something to the town and atmosphere. I am also a huge fan of donuts, anyone who knows me will support this fact, and Karl’s has an apple fritter donut that is absolutely to die for! It is literally bigger than my head! If you come to Everett, this is a must try spot. 

Speaking of the area having so much character, Funko, a place with lots of characters has also returned to Everett. Funko is a toy store that sells collectibles and will have a line that wraps around the street of people waiting to purchase the next item. Funko is a world renowned collectible company and it’s quite a fun and exciting place to view.

The Everett Waterfront is a family hot spot. There are so many trails and scenic views for families to enjoy. Just up from the Waterfront is Grand Avenue. This avenue is a central and iconic location in Everett and is lined with beautiful historic houses and views of the water. There is a wide range of homes and prices and residential options here in Everett. With the world-renowned food, excellent location, and an array of options, it’s no wonder that people are obsessed with this area! If you are interested in learning more about Everett or want to look into living here, I would be happy to assist you!

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